Welcome to MBizScheduler! This platform is designed to help you effectively grow your business by letting you create UNLIMITED meeting types and accept unlimited schedule appointments. MBizScheduler is part of the MBiz.Pro platform. It was broken off of MBiz.Pro for people who want just the schedule feature and do not need the survey/form builder.

Check out all the amazing features that come with the MBizScheduler. This solution is perfect for you as an individual and it can also be used by your entire organization with our Enterprise solution.

Easily Integrate with Google Calendar

MBizScheduler is designed to integrate with your Google Calendar. Simply log in to your Google account and the scheduler platform will automatically connect the two accounts. Once integrated, the two-way sync will enable you to make sure double bookings don't take place.

Key Features of MBizScheduler

MBizScheduler does more than just integrate with your Google Calendar. Check out these other KEY features.


Since most people use their mobile device, the scheduler is mobile-friendly. The responsive design looks great on small and large screens.

Add Videos to Increase Conversion

It is important to enhance your brand. Therefore, you can easily add your profile picture, logo, and customize the colors associated with each part of the scheduler.

Quick Autoresponder Integrations

Featured integrations for Autoresponders include Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Activecampaign. In addition, the Zapier integration enables you to integrate with over 1,000 cloud-based applications.

Online Meeting Integrations

Featured integrations for online meeting platforms include Zoom and GoTo Meeting. In addition, you can use Zapier to integrate with over 1,000 cloud-based applications.

Easily Set Your Availability

Take control of your calendar. You can determine when you are available. Simply click on the start time and click again to drag down to the end time. Use this feature to create breaks in your day or even change availability for your different types of meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money-back guarantee?
YES. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee! This means that you can try out this amazing software over the coming weeks and see just how well it works for you.

Can I add additional users to my account?
YES! Contact us to learn how we can brand the MBizScheduler to your organization! Our enterprise package allows you to set up users as part of a cooperative team or as individual users. The best part is that it can be completely branded to match your organization. This is perfect for any organization looking to private label this feature.

Can I Upgrade to MBiz.Pro?
Sort of. As MBiz.Pro continues to grow, there will be features that are available only to people who have signed up for the entire MBiz.Pro package. However, if you ever need to add just the survey/form builder, that can be arranged. That said, if you think you will ever need that feature, you should sign up for MBiz.Pro now as you will not receive the same value at a later date. This package is designed for people that KNOW they only need the scheduling software.

Get Started Today!

MBizScheduler is designed for users who ONLY want to provide their network with an easy way to schedule meetings or appointments. If you want more than just the scheduler, please check out MBiz.Pro.

If you need more than 1 scheduler account, please contact us. This can be arranged by creating a special Enterprise account for your organization.

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