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MBiz.Pro is YOUR personal lead generation system! Whether you are a solopreneur or large organization, you and your team need to be able to track leads more efficiently. This special platform combines the power of an online survey builder, online scheduler, and piplines so that you can track your leads from introduction to close.

While many people have been enjoying the survey and scheduler features of MBiz.Pro for over a year, we are excited about the rollout of the NEW Pipeline feature as this is what will truly help you convert your Cold Leads to WARM Leads.

If you are truly looking for a way to manage your leads and become more priority focused, we encourage you to watch the videos below so you can learn exactly how the various features of MBiz.Pro will help your organization. If you want to just get a quick overview of each key feature, click here.

The Online Scheduler

Survey & Form Builder

Pipelines - NEW FEATURE!


Key Features of MBiz.Pro

We hope you took the time to watch at least a couple of the videos above. Either way, we know you want to learn a little more about some of the key features associated with MBiz.Pro. Below, you can read about each of these features. If you have more questions or would like to schedule a demo, please click here!

Pipelines - Track Your Leads

Pipelines - Lead Conversion System

It is one thing to know you have a lead, it is significantly more important to know how to track your leads! Too many people just depend on managing their contacts through their contact list or email provider. The problem here is that you are not able to truly prioritize your time by knowing what tasks need to be focused on each day. When you have leads inside a pipeline, you know exactly what you should be doing and which leads you should be focused on trying to close. You can completely customize your pipelines by setting up all the stages. The best part is, we will help you do this during your first month of using the platform!

Linked Campaigns

Linked Campaigns

It is important to know who is scheduling appointments with you. One great way to do this is to qualify your leads by creating a survey and having it link to an appointment type. When you do this, you will link your campaigns together. Within your dashboard, you can view all linked campaigns and the data that corresponds with them. See how many surveys are completed, the number of qualified leads, and then how many of those actually complete the process of scheduling an appointment.

Create Unlimited Appointments

Create Unlimited Appointments

Do not limit the ways prospective and current clients can connect with you. There is no doubt you have a busy schedule. Make sure that you make it easy for people to know when they can connect with you. Whether it is for just scheduling a phone call, an initial consultation, a support meeting, or any other meeting that you want to have by phone, online, or in-person. Stop wasting time when it comes to finding time to have a meeting. Simply add a link to your MBizCard or share it with someone by email or text so they can find out when you are available and schedule the meeting at a time that fits both of your schedules.

Schedule Your Availability

Schedule Your Availability

The online scheduler integrates with Google Calendar and provides a two-way sync. This means that when you are busy, no appointments will be scheduled during that time slot. In the event you do not want to integrate with Google, you can also create a custom schedule based around your avaibility. Simply adjust your availability inside the dashboard and only "available" times will appear when someone wants to schedule a meeting with you.

Brand Your Appointments

Brand Your Appointments

Maintaining your brand is extremely important when it comes to promoting appointment types to users. For this reason, you are able to determine if images are displayed for your logo and profile pictures. In addition, you have the ability to add a unique YouTube video to every appointment type. This can be an extremely valuable way to promote a specific product or service. For example, picture a real estate agent who wants to set up appointment types for each house he/she has listed. Each appointment page can have a video that promotes the house for which it corresponds.

Create Unlimited Surveys

Create Unlimited Surveys

A survey is nothing more than a form that allows you to track both individual responses and analyze all submissions together. With the build-in survey builder, you can create unlimited forms and surveys. Use your surveys to qualify candidates, follow-up on services rendered, or just find out what your contacts like. In addition to creating as many surveys as you want, you are able to collect unlimited responses so share the links with as many people as you want.

Choose from 1 of 3 Survey Formats

Multiple Survey Formats

Knowing you have different reasons to conduct your surveys, there are 3 different types of surveys views you can use. One is a more traditional form called the application survey. It has a standard white background and users can easily scroll up and down the page to answer questionsas they wish. The Site and Web Surveys allow you to completely customize the background and color scheme. What is special about these survey types is the way the user answers one question at a time. The Site survey allows users to answer a question and then the next question scrolls up. The Web survey is similar but scrolls left and right instead of up and down.

Customize Your Profile


Each user account is able to create their own profile. This makes sure that people know who they are when appointments are being booked using the online scheduler. It also allows enterprise accounts the ability to easily assign surveys, appointment types, and event leads directly to an individual user. Every user will be able to upload their avatar (profile picture), include the links to their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts, and integrate with their Google Calendar and online meeting platform (GoToMeeting or Zoom).

SociCard - Basic Mobile Business Card


As the creators of the MBizCard in 2012, we strongly believe in the power of the mobile business card. A SociCard is NOT an MBizCard but we do want to make sure that everyone has some form of digital business card so they can benefit from this great way of growing a network. For this reason, we have included the SociCard as part of ALL MBizCard packages. It allows you to have the basic features of a digital business card so that you can easily brand yourself and serves as a great starter card. If you really want to app yourself or provide unlimited links, including take action links for all your surveys and online meeting types, we encourage you to check out the MBizCard.

Add Multiple Users to Enterprise Account

Enterprise Account Comes with Multiple Users

With an enterprise account, you are able to add multiple users to your team. This is perfect for anyone that has an assistant or sales team. These can be users who just have the ability to view and handle various appointments that are assigned to them or super users who you can allow to create and edit the surveys, appointment types, and pipelines. It's time to make sure your team is able to work together and handle the various leads that get entered. The best part is users are NOT handled on a per user subscription. Make sure you schedule a demo to discuss the Enterprise Package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Admin Account and Staff Account?
The admin account has complete control of all branding and settings. The staff accounts have limitations when it comes to customizing the platform. For example, only the admin account can create tags to help automate the intake process. The staff accounts are able to create surveys and appointments, but the admin might need to assist with making sure the branding fits that of the organization. For single-user accounts, it is recommended that you utilize the Admin account. The complimentary staff account that is provided is perfect for a single sales person or assistant.

Does the calendar integrate only with Google Calendar?
Yes. That may change in the future based on demand. However, with the Zapier integrations, there are ways your calendar can be set up to work with the system. We are happy to discuss these with you. Note that you do not need the two-way sync to your calendar if the calendar is only reserved for making reservations and booking meetings. The benefit of the two-way sync is if you keep all your information on one calendar so that people can know when you are busy.

What does unlimited actually mean in the packages above?
Great question and it means exactly what you think. You can create as many pipelines, leads, surveys and meeting types as you would like inside your account. In addition, you are able to capture as many responses and as you can get.

Can I send emails to my leads through MBiz.Pro?
No. Part of the reason you can capture unlimited submissions and leads is MBiz.Pro does not serve as an autoresponder. You can take notes and document the correspondence you have with various users but you will be sending emails or text messages out from either an Autoresponder or Email account. To make things easier for you, MBiz.Pro does integrate with over 1,000 applications and all leads submitted through a survey or appointment can be easily added to any autorresponder or contact database you are using. For example, if a lead comes in by setting an appointment, that contact's information can easily be sent to both your MailChimp and Google Contacts thus making it easy to send emails to him/her as needed.

What are Linked Campaigns?
Linked Campaigns are ones in which you utilize the survey/form builder and then have the user schedule a meeting with the online scheduler based on their successful completion of the survey/form. They are perfect for qualifing leads since you can see not only who is a qualified client but also who wants to schedule a meeting with you.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
You may cancel your subscription at anytime. The cancellation will go into effect immediately but your account will remain active through the currently billed and paid for subscripion period.

Can I upgrade from the Pro to Bullseye Package?
Yes! If you wish to start with the "Pro" package and upgrade at a later time, you will pay a one-time customization investment of $60 and your monthly subscription will be updated to $19.95 from $14.95. Once you upgrade you will receive the same customization and support provided to all other Bullseye package users.

Can I downgrade from the Bullseye to Pro Package?
You may downgrade to the Pro package from the Bullseye package anytime after the second month of service. The delay comes from the amount of support provided during the first month and wanting to make sure you are able to fully manage your account as support is limited once you downgrade.

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